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Center School believes that homework is an important part of learning. Students who complete their homework assignments and turn them in on time learn more and experience more success in school. Homework serves as an important link between the home and school. As a general guideline, students should spend one to two hours per night, four nights per week on homework.

Study Skills

The study skills program ensures that students and parents understand the expectations for each class. A Student Agenda is a way to help students organize their time and serves as a weekly communication between teachers and parents regarding assignments, achievement and behavior. Students are encouraged to purchase a student agenda for $5 at the time of registration.


Grading policy

Each student will earn a grade point average based on his or her progress reports at the end of each triad and on their report cards at the end of each semester. The following 4-point scale is used:

A=4 points

B=3 points

C=3 points

D=1 point

A grade point average of 2.0, as well as passing five classes, is required for participation in extra-curricular activities. For students who do not meet these standards, probation is an option available in order to participate. Students whose GPA is below a 2.0, but at least a 1.5, will be considered eligible for probation. This type of probation may be used only once in any academic year. A special note to eighth graders: This eligibility standard applies to both Azusa and Gladstone high schools. Grades earned at the end of the spring semester will be used to determine fall eligibility in high school.

Dress Code

Students must follow the district guidelines. The following items are not permitted for school attire:

  1. Clothing that indicates an affiliation with a gang or intimidating group
  2. Caps, hats, beanies, bandannas, hairnets or visors
  3. Oversized pants that fall below the waist
  4. Baggy shorts with knee socks
  5. Belts with lettering or longer than waist appropriate
  6. Halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, see-through or fish net clothing
  7. Clothing that does not conceal undergarments at all times
  8. Skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh
  9. Clothing that suggests obscene pictures, wording, and/or drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex or violence
  10. Frayed or unfinished hems
  11. Thongs, thong-like sandals, steel-toed shoes or sandals without a back strap
Lunch and Breakfast

The cost of lunch is free.  Please remember to fill out a new lunch application if you think your child would qualify for free or reduced lunch. The cost for reduced lunch is $.25. The cost for breakfast is $1.25. If your child receives free or reduced lunch, this would also apply to breakfast. Applications may be picked up in the office.

Cell phones

Students may only use electronic devices, pagers and/or cell phones while on campus, before school, during lunch, while attending school-sponsored extra-curricular activities or while under the supervision and control of school district employees. Such devices may not be activated or used during instructional time or at any time when school personnel specifically direct it while performing their duties. Students will be subject to discipline for failure to comply with this policy, including the confiscation of the device and having parents retrieve the device.

At no time shall an electronic device/cell phone/pager that has video technology or text messaging be used during instructional time. At no time shall these devices be operated in restrooms or locker rooms.